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Dee is my VERY favorite yoga teacher

Dee is my VERY favorite yoga teacher for so many reasons, although I also loved others too.  I must confess.  But Dee is in a special league – that’s why his lessons are always so popular.  It is the winning combination of so many elements that she brings together with her own special magic of Dee yoga.  Her soft Irish cadence is music to the ears as she offers clear and thoughtful instructions for her skillful choreography.

Each class is different and fresh, with just the right balance of movement and rest, breath and focus, stretch and balance – quite simply its delicious!  Another element is that Dee’s classes are not too serious, there’s a lightness to them, and her smile and gentle energy from her at the front of class is soothing and motivating all at once.  Come and experience just one of her classes for yourself and you’ll be hooked just as I am