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I love that no two classes are the same

I’ve been coming to Dee’s yoga classes for a number of years now and they have long been the highlight of my week.

Dee’s classes are a reflection of herself…..gentle, caring, calm and with a laugh to be found when things get a little too serious. It has taken me many years but Dee’s weekly reminders to be kind to myself… go a little easier on myself… do a little less than I know I can…..have become my daily mantras.

I love that no two classes are the same with Dee….she seems to effortless come up with new and varied flows that always have me having ah-hah moments at the way she weaves the asanas and transitions together to make her classes so special.

I can’t wait to support Dee in this exciting new adventure of opening up her own studio and I am looking forward to many more years of having this amazing person in my life…..her lessons on and off the mat are priceless’