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Saturday Dec 4th – 6-9pm – $75

a shakti yoga journey with satya and tamsin

You are invited into the deeply feminine and sensual world of Shakti Yoga. During this journey of coming home to the Self, you will be safely held to meet the very depths of your being. This is a true celebration of the Divine Feminine that lives in and all around us, and an opportunity to let your authentic self to be seen, felt and heard.

Through this 3 hour embodiment experience we will move in a way that honours the Divine Feminine through womb-based yoga sequences and meditations that ground and invoke the felt sense. We will connect to the breath which so deeply supports us in opening to the natural pleasures of life while also creating boundaries as we invoke sound to express and heal through the life force of Shakti (that actually resides within you). Through organic movement practices the layers will begin to melt away, coming home to the body, this moment and all that Is.

This night of remembrance is open to all levels of experience, all stages of life (menstruating, non-menstruating, peri-menopause and menopause) and those who identify with the feminine (LGTBQ are welcomed with open arms)
During this gathering of sisters, you can expect
~ Welcome blessings
~ Guided meditations to deepen the relationship with your womb space and yoni
~ Sacred mantra, singing and chanting
~ Feminine womb-centered yoga practices
~ Somatic shaking practices to release, cleanse and express
~ Self-touch exploration to connect with the Self, invoking pleasure, building trust and boundaries from within
~ Organic, free form movement practices allowing space for your inner intuitive self to be felt and expressed
~ Restorative yoga to support relaxation
~ Opportunity to share in circle, to hold space, to see and to be seen, to hear and be heard.
~ Closing Ritual


Cancel one week prior for full refund, after that if we can fill your spot
you will receive full refund or credit for another workshop


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